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When I stopped working in Boston, it meant leaving all that I knew. My favorite hairdresser, my PCP (primary care physician) and my Chiropractor. My trifecta of important people! However, I found Chiropractor Dr. Weiss at Performance Health Center in Natick. My back has never been happier  – and it has been over 10 years since I started seeing him!

Chiropractor Metrowest MA

Some are in the camp of no chiropractor. Some cannot live without a monthly visit {raises hand} and others are on the fence. This post is my personal experience and beliefs, which some may not prescribe to. Yet, if you are looking for chiropractic care, then here is why you should book an appointment with Dr. Weiss or the other Chiropractors at Performance Health Center.

I used to train for races. That training put a lot of strain on my back. To keep the pain and discomfort at bay, Chiropractic care was a necessity. Add carrying diaper bags and heavy kids and babies, well, that's training in-and-of itself. I am not sure what kind of training…perhaps building strength for the teenage years?

Performance Health Center Natick

Performance Health Center Natick

What I like the most about Performance Health Center in Natick is that the office is professional and the credentials of the staff are top notch. Dr. Weiss, in particular, even serves as the Chiropractor for celebrities when they come to town and is often quoted in big papers re: his knowledge of chiropractic care and athletic performance. The business side of things is top notch too. The computer systems and equipment is amazing. They also have services for athletes like ART (active release technique), Kinsio taping and even massage services where you get a better massage for less cost than at a spa.  

My daughter received chiropractic care a week after she was born, and she and my son go four times a year. With all of the falls and bumps they get, it is important in our opinion. When my daughter fell down a flight of stairs, her pediatrician thought she was fine. I took her to Dr. Weiss and he found that her spine was compacted and got her unstuck. Not sure what the long term consequence would have been if I hadn't taken her to him, but I am glad I won't know.

With my back problems, and with the research I have read, making sure my kids' have good spine health is why we go. And they have fun! If you have questions about chiropractic care, especially with kids, book a consult with Dr. Weiss. He'll give you some materials that you can make a decision upon.

If you are looking for a top notch chiropractic office and facility in Metrowest, Massachusetts, then Performance Health Center gets my two thumbs up.

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