New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas for Kids

If the kiddos can't stay up until midnight, think about having an early New Year’s Celebration! Do the countdown at 6pm or even at 12 noon! Make a few (or all) of these New Year’s Crafts for kids to add festive flair to your countdown! Consider serving a special dinner and drinks that are family-friendly. You can see a lot of ideas on my Pinterest Board


New Year's Eve Dinner Ideas for Kids

  • Make the last meal of year fun! Have a Taco bar or a Baked Potato bar where kids can have fun making their own conoctions.
  • Another idea is to take mini pita bread and let the kids make their own mini-pizzas with a variety of toppings. Then place in the oven to briefly cook for an easy, peasy dinner.
  • Also, take a twist on their standard drink too. Place colorful ice in their water. I love this hilarious faux Ice Cube Tray ! Or put some cherries in their juice! A traditional ‘Shirley Temple is a fun, family, festive drink too. 
  • After dinner, make some sugar cookies. Get a New Year’s Cookie Cutter Set, and fun frosting or sprinkles.


New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

  • During their nighttime bath, make it super fun. Crayola Bath Dropz are safe for kids (and your bathtub!) To make the colors more vibrant, you can double up on the dose of drops. Even add some bubble bath for colorful water and bubbles too!
  • Make a time capsule! The kids can decorate a box and put pictures inside from the year, as well as other mementos! Then they can open it next year and put more things in it each year, every year!
  • Find fun New Year’s stories to read at bedtime! This book is my favorite: The Night Before New Year's. You can find it on (affiliate) Amazon.

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