New Year’s Eve Countdown Ideas for Kids

Even the littlest kids can enjoy New Year’s Festivities, including a ball drop! Here are three New Year’s Eve Countdown Ideas for Kids!


New Year's Eve Countdown Ideas for Kids and Families

Glitter Ball Craft

Take a paper plate, then use liquid glue and paint it all over on the eating side of the paper plate. Then sprinkle lots of glitter over the glue. Gold or silver glue seems very New Year’s Eve like, but any color will do. Then glue a craft stick on the end. When you are doing your ‘countdown’, the kids can hold their “glitter ball” and squat down low. Then as they countdown from 10, then can slowly stand up raising their glitter ball. When the reach ten, they will be standing up and can jump up and down!!

(Balloon) Ball Drop

Another idea is to blow up lots of balloons. At least 10. Then place them on a large blanket. Everyone holds a corner and counts down to One! When you reach One, everyone lifts up their corner and throws the balloons in the air to rain down on everyone! Or you can buy a (affiliate) Balloon Bag on Amazon.

Confetti Fun

Confetti is always fun! Take left over wrapping paper from the holidays and punch out lots of holes. (Kids love doing this!) Or you can use scissors to create mini-squares. Then stuff a deflated balloon with your homemade confetti. Blow it up and tie it, When the clock strikes ONE!, pop the balloons with a pin, and the confetti will rain down. If you have younger kids that might get frightened with popping balloons, take an empty water bottle and stuff with confetti! Then they can open the cap, and jump up and down to sprinkle the confetti!

New Year's Eve Countdown ideas for kids

If the kids can’t stay up until midnight, create your own midnight at 6pm or even at 12/noon! For New Year’s Eve Dinner Ideas for the whole family, click here. For New Year’s Craft ideas for Kids, read my post here. 


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