My Buddy Tag Review for Moms

You know the feeling. You turn around, and your child is not there. There is that fluttering, beating of the heart. Your eyes are wild as they search. You call out their name and it sounds like shriek. Turns out, they were just behind the slide, or the clothes rack. But you never forget that feeling. So when I heard about a device called My Buddy Tag™, I needed to get one.

My Buddy Tag

At an event I hosted in October, a sponsor gave out free product codes for My BuddyTag at mybuddytag.com. They couldn't even give them in person because it was so new. It has been two months, but the concept of the device hasn't wained and neither has my need. As much and as hard as I try, it is really hard to keep my eye on my active 4 year old and my spunky 19 month old. And we all know, it takes just a second, to have something happen. It is not always life threatening, in the 'stranger danger' way. It can just be that second eye or those eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head that you wish you had. For example, if my 4 year old comes running over to me to tie his shoe lace at the playground, and my 19 month old, as I am distracted tying a shoe, wanders off towards the street, to another area of the mall, to a pool or ocean.

The concept of My BuddyTag™ is that it alerts you when your child is out of reach. It sends an alert to your phone. It also is a personal ID to help law enforcement know who your child is, especially if they are not old enough to speak. There is also a panic button that your child can press in an emergency.

I remember as a kid when my brother got lost. He ended up being only 50 feet away, but it was the holiday shopping season and a huge crowd came by. He wasn't keeping up and next thing you know, we went around the corner and he didn't know where we went. He could have just pressed a button and we could have been alerted sooner.

Another feature is getting an email with the time and map location when your child was last seen by BuddyTag™ app. I especially can see the need for this at amusement parks. It looks like a watch, in that it straps around your child's wrist. It comes in fun color combos and different textures like a silicone band, a terrycloth band, a velcro strap or a disposable one.


The My BuddyTag™ costs about $35 or so, and for an extra or replacement band, about $15. So if your child likes to have color options, likes to color coordinate, or you need to get a new one, you are covered without having to get a whole new BuddyTag™.

The only downside of the BuddyTag™, if you call it one, is that it only works if (a) your child keeps it on. So you may have to do some trial runs at home so your active preschooler doesn't take it off when you are in public – and (b) you need to keep your cell phone with you. It doesn't work if, say, you leave your phone in the car while you are at the beach. Instead of me doing a video, I'll let the official My BuddyTag™ YouTube video speaks for itself. It is a little over a minute long, and it will give you a visual on how it works. I got one for each of my children and I think it is a great gift that any parent would appreciate. While nothing replaces a responsible caregiver, it is nice to have a parent backup. 🙂

Image Credit: MetrowestMamas.com and Thumbnail by Pexels=2286921 via Pixabay from Canva.com

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