Most Popular Halloween Candy in Massachusetts

October is filled with apples, russet leaves and candy for Halloween. While many of the stores kick off August, in some places, with Halloween decor and delectables, October puts it in high gear. It is time to plan those costumes and hand out the most popular Halloween candy in Massachusetts.


For some, picking the candy is almost as important as picking the Halloween costume. You want the good stuff in the bowl. It might be to impress neighbors, or get in favor with your kid's friends as the hip house on the block. Perhaps you just want to have a selection of leftover candy you'll willingly munch on post-Halloween.

Most Popular Halloween Candy in Massachusetts

An online candy distributor just came out with findings of the most popular candy by state. Since they get orders from households around the country and ship the candy out to select addresses in each state, they have gleemed what sweet treats folks from Florida fondly want vs. what those from California crave. Wonder what candy munchies we like the most in Massachusetts?

According to the's post, the top three popular Halloween candy orders from Massachusetts are:

1. Sour Patch Kids

2. Butterfingers

3. Salt Water Taffy

When you look at the number of pounds Massachusett-ians ordered, Sour Patch Kids was first – followed very closely by Butterfingers. Salt Water Taffy came in a distant third place. Considering just came out with an overall popular Halloween candy list that listed Sour Patch Kids as the #6 favorite for kids, I'd say handing out those pucker inducing confectioneries will win you candy queen status this Halloween. Plus, it shouldn't bust your budget. You can get 240 packs on (affiliate) for around $11. About 5 cents per pack.

We folks from MA know a good bargain!

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