Homemade Race Car Driver Halloween Costume for Kids

If you are looking for a last minute, do-it-yourself Halloween costume for a boy, a simple costume to make is a Homemade Race Car Driver Halloween costume for kids. Even if you aren't short on time, making a homemade costume might be the way to go and an opportunity to customize it for your child.

First, get sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt, or track suit, in your color of choice. I personally couldn't find a typical set so I found a red fleece top and red fleece bottoms from Old Navy. Look for items on sale and bring coupons! I got these two pieces for $12 total.


Then head to your local craft store. I went to A.C. Moore and picked up black and white checkered duct tape, race car stickers and a painters hat. With the sale items and coupons, I got everything for $4. Then I went to Target and picked up a pair of Lightening McQueen sneakers. You can skip this step as regular sneakers would do.

When you get everything home, it is time to get to work. It should take you no more than 10 minutes. Cut out the duct tape and run it across the chest of the top. In this case, as a bonus, it also covered the Old Navy logo. Then run the checkered duct tape down the sides of the sleeves and the pants. Also run it across the top of the painters hat.

Then take the race car stickers and go to town. I used the flags for emblems, and added the race cars in various places. Take some extra stickers and the checkered duct tape and deck out some sneakers. I had these black boat shoes from Old Navy on hand and just decorated them. Alternatively, you could use the Lightening McQueen slippers and have them wear it around the neighborhood. Or cut out the soft bottoms. Have your child put the altered slippers on and then their regular shoes. The slipper part will rest on top of the shoe for a custom pair to wear!


For a special trick or treat bag, you could pick up a plain white canvas bag at A.C Moore when you picked up the other supplies. Or for a Halloween treat for a little car lover, get this HotWheels ZipIt bag. Keep it zipped up with a little opening at the top and it becomes an unique Trick or Treat bag. Then when Halloween is over, it becomes car storage and a fun playset! So with a couple of errands and about 10 minutes of your time, and for between $15-$40 (depending on if you get the extra slippers and Hot Wheels bag), you can have a homemade race car driver Halloween costume!

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