Halloween Popsicle Stick Crafts

There is no denial once the calendar flips to October. We are firmly on the downward slide towards snow and cold and ice…and more snow. {Seriously depressing.} I long for the hot days of summer when you could hang out in your bathing suit in the backyard, run through the sprinkler and slurp Popsicles®. So while the thought of licking a popsicle in October may not be your idea of fall fun, at least there are a lot of crafts that you can make with popsicle sticks!

Halloween Popsicle Stick Crafts

Popsicle Picture Frame


You can make a fun hanging Halloween picture frame with Popsicle sticks for a fun fall craft. My son had a blast making his. All you need are some:

1. popsicle sticks (any size, but we went with the bigger ones just because it was easier for a small child to handle)

2. black and orange markers

3. glue

4. candy corns

5. twine or ribbon, and

6. a picture

We are going to put a picture of my son in his halloween costume for this year. Then we will make the same craft every year and put out the previous year's frames! Perhaps even on a Halloween tree!

Craft Stick Spider Web


I personally liked this craft popsicle stick spider webs. My son had some fun making them in different colors and hanging them off the fireplace for a decorative touch for the Halloween season. We drew a spider but you could make one using a pom pom and fuzzy craft sticks (aka Pipe Cleaners). Since we had some candy corn, we glued that on too. Frankly, it looks like a bad-ass snowflake, but he had fun making them.

There are tons of craft ideas and here is my Pinterest board that shows a variety of things you can do. Including some yummy treats! But if you still yearn for a Popsicle, crank the heat up so it is sweltering in your house, put a beach towel on the floor, throw on some flip flops and sunglasses, burn the Yankee Candle Sand and Sun fragrance, enjoy a Popsicle and relive summer. 

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