Hair Stylists for Curly Hair in Metrowest Massachusetts!

Finding a great hairstylist is always tough, but if you have curly hair, it can be even more challenging! Turns out, many local Metrowest Mamas have found great hair salons and top hair stylists that you may want to check out the next time you need your curls coiffed. Here are the recommendations:


  • A bit east of Metrowest, if you are up for a drive, Michelle at Biyoshi Salon is amazing!
  • Ben at Invidia Salon in Sudbury.
  • Jacquie at Salon Marc Harris in the Financial district. She's great!
  • Kara at Ulta in Natick. She is amazing.
  • Posh Salon Sudbury!
  • Gaston at A Cote on Newbury St. 
  • Katie at Davis Hairdressing In Newton! She's the best.
  • I have curly hair, and I have gone to Cathie at New Creations in Ashland for years. She's amazing!
  • I go to Andrew Light at Stilisti. Love him and my cuts!
  • Lee Rudman at Prisms in Framingham. Best stylist on planet.
  • I've had good luck with Lisa at Salon Maleah in Wellesley (Linden Square) for both curly cut and highlights. She has DevaCurl training.
  • Bella Sisters in Framingham. I use Kelly. She can do anything.
  • Pam at Dellaria in Newton Centre. She HAS curly hair, so she knows curly hair. She is the curly girl guru. She also does great color. Love her. 
  • I go to Jenna Garey at Salon MJH on Newbury St in Boston. It's a hike but she's great!
  • Go see Errin at Mop on Tremont st. in Boston. She is a professional Deva Stylist and knows curly hair. Been seeing Errin for yrs and love her. My curls have never been healthier and non-frizzy.
  • Tony at Phillip DePalma in Framingham on Route 9 next to Samba. I have curly hair and he does a great job with mine.
  • Lee Rudman at Prisms Hair Design Studio LLC is amazing with my girls curly hair!
  • Jennine at Salon Illusions in Ashland is a Deva stylist. She's been great for my curly hair, without the cost of Newbury St.

(Note that stylists often move or change salons, so always call ahead to see if the recommend stylist is still there!)

Do you have other hair stylists to share?

Image Credit: Thumbnail by Jacob Lund via Graphic elements via PicMonkey.

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