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After talking to many families recently, it turns out that a lot of parents want to do something interesting and different with their kids. Soccer and ballet are activity staples. The local camp is a town fixture. The birthday party invitations are to the same art studio. Yet, many families want to try something new and unique for camp, classes and parties.

One business in Burlington may fit the bill. I learned about this organization several ago. You can even see from this post here that I shared their various events back in 2010! The company is called Guard Up!

What and Where

Guard Up is a full-time training facility in Burlington, MA where kids, teens and adults can learn sword fighting and fencing. It has almost 7000 square feet of climate controlled space, with weekly classes, an after-school program, summer camps, and school break camps. Plus, it also has some really cool activities and special events each month.

Birthday Party Space

We have all been to a pirate birthday party, but have you been to Zombie Party? Have you been to a party where the kids battle monsters and rescue villagers, or play games like Defend the Bridge with foam swords? Guard Up has a variety of distinctive party themes for kids 4+.

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Summer Camp

If you need to know the kids are having a blast during school vacation, know that they will be spending their day at Guard Up playing Nerf Zombie or Wizards & Warriors. However, it is not just about battles. Kids learn STEM education, strategy, cooperation, patience, and more. The camps range from kids 5 years old up to 17 years old. (In my experience, there are not many camps that provide good content for that age range!)

Sword, Fencing and Nerf Classes

Looking for weekly sword or fencing classes? Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship is the largest swordsmanship school in North America. There are the traditional fencing and sword classes. There is even historical fencing for reenactors. Yet, if your kiddos love adventure, they may like the Sword Adventure Classes or the Nerf Adventure Class that add physical, social and mental stimulation too.

Want to see if this is what you were looking for? Fill out a form to schedule a Guard Up trial class to explore the facility, staff, and offerings! It may be just the en guarde! moment you were looking for!

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