Edaville Polar Express Review – Part One

It has been on my bucket list for years, but we finally got to experience the Polar Express Train Ride here in Massachusetts. We choose the Edaville Railroad Polar Express ride, as opposed to the one in Hopedale and other locations, because we also were able to enjoy all of the Edaville Holiday happenings too.

Edaville Polar Express Review

My previous post mentions all of the details about the Polar Express experience at Edaville so check it out here. So, this post shares our experience with our two year old and five year old. I had been waiting awhile to justify the cost and the time to go. I wanted to make sure that the money it costs to go to such an experience was worth it. I finally thought my son was old enough to enjoy it, with or without understanding the Polar Express Books. I think that is a key point. It is not necessary for a child to know or understand the book. If they believe in Santa, get excited to see him, go on train rides and have fun eating cookies and jingling a bell, they would have a great time. But the knowledge of the book does add more dimension to the experience, though not necessary.


We boarded the train. The same one that you take for the regular Edaville Train rides. However, the engine was different. It had steam puffing from it and the 'horn' sounded different too. (Tip: sit on the left side as you face the front of the train. You see more lights and will have a better view of the 'North Pole' and Santa.) Then our experience started. Read More Here about how the experience went in our part two Edaville Polar Express Review! 

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