Boston Based Holiday Books for Kids

While my children love reading books, they especially love Boston based holiday books for kids or seasonal ones set in Massachusetts. They get a kick out of hearing the names of the towns nearby. They adore seeing pictures of notable Boston and Massachusetts landmarks.

Boston Based Holiday Books for Kids

The books they especially cherish are the holiday themed books set in our state. There is a newly published holiday picture book released last week. It is called THE FLYING SQUIRREL STOWAWAYS by Marijke Simons. The story is about the Boston Christmas Tree yearly gift from Nova Scotia. (A thank you to Boston for their aid after an explosion in Halifax Harbour in 1917.) In this adorable picture book, two flying squirrels get stuck in the tree before it leaves Canada. They then have the adventure of a lifetime on their way to Boston. It’s a lovely holiday story about thankfulness, international connections, and finding a home.

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In addition to The Flying Squirrel Stowaways, I wanted to share other Boston based holiday books based in Massachusetts. These are great to get into the holiday spirit. They are also lovely gifts to give to grandkids, for a teacher present, or for friend birthday parties.

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Massachusetts and Boston Based Holiday Books for Kids

Massachusetts Halloween Books

The Spooky Express Massachusetts

boston holiday books for kids

Halloween Scare in Massachusetts

boston holiday books kids





Massachusetts Christmas Books

Santa's Sleigh is on its way to Massachusetts

Santa is coming to Boston

massachusetts holiday books for children"

Santa is coming to Massachusetts

seasonal holiday books boston

Massachusetts Easter Books

Tiny the Massachusetts Easter Bunny

boston books kids christmas

The Littlest Bunny in Massachusetts

boston books kids easter

Do you have local favorites? Share in the comments and let people know!

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