Best Whale Watching Tours in Massachusetts

During the summer, Whales migrate just off the coast of Massachusetts, so it is a great time to sight a whale in its natural habitat. Whichever tour you choose, you'll be on the open ocean for a few hours so there are a few things to consider before going on one of the best whale watching tours in Massachusetts.

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Whale Watching Tips

Definitely pack sunglasses (polarized if you want to see the whales clearly through the water), sunscreen, and a jacket or a sweatshirt since it can be chilly on the open water. Leave the hat at home because the wind can blow it right off!  Wear sneakers or shoes with good traction, and don't forget to bring a (charged) camera and video camera (with a good strap so it doesn't go overboard.) Binoculars are a bonus, and some dramaine since the choppy Atlantic Ocen can take its toll.

Ask the tour operator about indoor space to get out of the wind as many of the boats have them. The adventure is best for older children since you don't want to worry about the little ones. Plus, there can be a lot of waiting around between the trip out and back, as well as hoping to catch a glimpse of a tail or fin.

Pack snacks, travel games, and some portable electronic devices. There are lots of great whale watching tours up and down the coast.

Best Whale Watching Tours in Massachusetts

North Shore: Cape Ann Whale Watch, Newburyport Whale Watch and Atlantic Yankee Whale Watch & Deep Sea Fishing.

Metro Boston: In Boston, don't miss Mass Bay Lines Whale Watch and the New England Aquarium Whale Watch.

South Shore: Hop onto one of Capt. John Boats in Plymouth Harbor. For a special kid boat adventure, don't miss a pirate-themed excursion also in Plymouth.

Cape Cod: Keep driving over the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge to Cape Cod and have fun on either the Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruisers or Sheerwater Excursions. Have fun! 


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