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Best Pediatric Dentists in Metrowest Massachusetts for Families

I know a lot of us parents are always looking for a great Pediatric dentist in Metrowest Massachusetts, especially dentists that can truly be a family dentist. Having a family dentist means we as parents can see a great dentist for our aging teeth (crowns and root canals anyone?) to the dental trials and tribulations of baby teeth, braces, and kid fears of the dentist. I posted on the Metrowest Mamas Facebook page asking fellow Metrowest Mamas what dentists in Metrowest MA they recommended, and a lot of Moms had great recommendations and other Moms appreciated the tips! 

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  • Weston Pediatric Dental in downtown Weston. They are fantastic and my kids, 2 and 4, love it there!! Great toys in the waiting room, super clean, decorated like Restoration Hardware, and tons of great prizes at the end. Plus each kid leaves with a great quality toothbrush and some handheld flossers. Cannot recommend them enough!!
  • We just started going to Dr. Rubin/Dr. Rosenthal in Ashland and love them. My entire family goes there. All of the hygienists are so wonderful with the kids, gentle and calm…they are great for adults too and have really good office hours to accommodate before or after work.
  • Dr. Svetlana Novak! Great dentist, great person!!! http://southnatickdental.com/meet-our-dentist-dr-novak.html
  • Natick Dental Partners located in Natick, Massachusetts. 
  • Dr. Fried on Edgell Rd in Framingham.
  • Dr. Enos in Ashland; Dr. Eliasberg (pedi specialist) in Framingham.
  • Cara Donley in Sudbury. I would highly recommend. She is great with both my kids 2 and 4. Takes it slow, educates the patient before she does anything and easy/gentle "bedside manner" drcaradonley.com
  • I second Natick Dental Partners…they're great.
  • I second Dr. Donley for pediatric dentistry. She's great.
  • Dr. Svetlana Novak at South Natick Dental Group is awesome and that is where my husband and I go. Our daughter goes to Dr. Cara Donley and we love her very much as well.
  • We love Dr. Robin Eliasburg (508) 875-1234 she is in Framingham and is amazing with children!!!!
  • Hopkinton pediatric dentistry in hopkinton and the dental place in westboro. Both places are amazing with children. Also they both places have an orthodontist in the office.
  • For children – definitely dr. Elliasburg!!!! She is amazing!
  • Natick Dental Partners are phenomenal!
  • Dr Gillis in Needham. The whole family goes and they are great with kids….
  • Dr. Sarah Lecerf. She is over near the hospital on Lincoln Street. She is wonderful.
  • Moynihan Dental.
  • We go to Natick Dental Partners and my little man loves it and looks forward to it. Problem is, we see a different hygienist and a different dentist EVERY time!!! It would be nice to be able to develop a relationship with 'your' dentist, if you know what I mean… So I am also considering our options as I read through this list… Very timely post for me, Charlene!
  • Dr Putt in Wayland is amazing for the whole family. Up to date, thorough, friendly and caring. Whole staff is amazing.
  • Love Dr Robin Eliasberg in Framingham.
  • Rebecca Paglia Fleisher Lilley at Paglia Family Dentistry in Marlboro.
  • Dr. Cara Donley in Sudbury is the best.
  • Dr. Richard Tutin in Framingham. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!
  • Chestnut Street Dental in Needham. They are fabulous with children!
  • Natick Dental Partners – always see the same dentist Dr Soporowski for the kids. Dr. Raisman at Framingham Dental Center on Temple Street is great too. They see kids also but not a pediatric office.
  • Ethan Shaw Concord Pediatric Dental
  •  https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeKidsTeeth in Framingham! My 1 yr even let them clean her teeth!
  • Cotterly Paglia Family Dentist in Marlboro
  • Dental Associates on Rt 9 in Natick is amazing!
  • Dr Bhavani Sriramaneni in Holliston. Behind the library. She's great.
  • LOVE Dr Galaid in downtown Natick
  • Dr. Soporowski at Natick Dental Partners is AMAZING! She was recommended by our pediatrician and our ENT. Amazing. She even called after the first appointment to check on my daughter.
  • I echo Natick Dental Partners. They're great!
  • Dr. Huot, Affiliated Family Dental. We have been going to Dr. Huot before we had kids. On route 30, near Royal Cleaners. Fabulous with kids and adults. Very convenient having the entire family going to one place.
  • Dr Shusterman at Chesnut Dental in Needham is AMAZING!!!!!
  • DEFINITELY Dr. Robin Eliasberg in Framingham. Couldn't even begin to write enough good things about her!!
  • Awesome Kids Teeth in Framingham
  • Dr. Robin Eliasberg is Framingham is amazing!
  • Tocci Associates in Wellesley. Great with kids and very patient. They even give out prizes! There are two levels so let them know if you will have a stroller with you so you can have your appointment on the main floor. Bonus is that there is a fabulous playground within a short walk, and a pizza place, so there are great post-dentist incentives to give the kids!

So thanks to my fellow Metrowest Mamas for chiming in with their fabulous suggestions and hopefully this helps you find a great Pediatric Dentist in Metrowest Massachusetts for your family!

Image Source: mediaphotos via Getty Images Signature at Canva.com.

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