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Belkin Lookout Farm Natick Tasting Room

Belkin Lookout Farm Natick has been known around here as a great place for kids and for apple picking, but now it is on the way to being known as a date night spot, and a place for a great beverage with the new Belkin Lookout Farm Natick Tavern and Hard Cider beverage.


Belkin Lookout Farm Tasting Room Tavern

Lookout Farm Hard Cider Flavors and Types

Lookout Farm has launched the Hard Cider and its Tasting Room this past May. Despite being a non-beer drinker myself, it is on my list as a Metrowest Gem. The Lookout Farm Hard Cider is available in four types: Pumpkin Patch (with a hint of Pumpkin), Hop Up (the most beer-like taste), Farmhouse Blend (with hints of apples) and Last of Summer (with hints of lemongrass and ginger). Three will be available at all times with one only being available seasonally. I'm not a beer drinker, which the packaging and marketing is similar to, but the taste is pleasant for this wine lover, and a refreshing alternative to a glass of vino. My husband likes beer and enjoyed the Lookout Farm crafted taste that is different, from any other beer or hard cider out, we have found. Yet, if you visit the onsite Lookout Farm Tasting Room, there is also a selection of delicious apple cider, and a selection of soft drinks, in addition to the Hard Cider.

Where You Can Buy Lookout Farm Hard Cider

You can find packs and cases to go at the Lookout Farm Tasting Room, which is on your left as you enter the Lookout Farm property. Parking is available there, rather than in the back near the Apple Picking Barn and Train. However, I've seen the Lookout Farm Hard Cider product available at Roche Bros in Wellesley, and on the menu at the Legal Seafoods Restaurant in Framingham, with more distribution locations and stores carrying the brand as word gets out (mine included) that this is a great hard cider.


Lookout Farm Hard Cider Tasting Room and Tavern

The Lookout Farm Tasting Room has a bar for adults and a handful of tables and chairs, with a fireplace in the cooler months, a flat screen TV, and upcoming artists for fun music nights. The vibe is farm meets modern, which is an aesthetic I love. There is a small selection of bites, like soft pretzels, flatbread and a cheese board, with prices ranging from $6 to $15 or so. You can get currently get a pint for $6.50 or a flight, with a sample of all four Lookout Farm Hard Cider flavors, for $7.

Lookout Farm Hard Cider Tasting Room Hours

They are open from 12pm-8pm Thursday through Sunday. Kids are welcome (they just cannot sit at the bar) and there are chicken fingers and gelato available, so it is a great place to cool off after playing in the Farm's children's play area or to warm up after picking pumpkins or apples. The Lookout Farm Hard Cider Tasting Room is open year round. Even when the main part of the farm is closed.

Lookout Farm Hard Cider Tours and Get Togethers

This is a great place for a meeting with friends, date night with your partner, or a modern place for a family outing. All with access to a great Hard Cider to top it off. Right now, tours of the brewery are not available but there is hope that tours will be available in the months to come! Check out their feature on Chronicle (September 2015).

Metrowest Mamas was hosted at the event. All thoughts and opinions are only of Metrowest Mamas. Blog Post Images by Metrowest Mamas. Thumbnail Credit by Kuppa_Rock from Getty Images Pro via Canva.com

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