15 Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas To Say Thank You!

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate your teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week, then you have come to the right place! Check out the fifteen ideas below! 

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1. EMAIL THE TEACHER. Sometimes just a simple email to say thank you is so appreciated. Alternatively, leave a voicemail message. Have it from you or your child! Even if it is just a picture of your child holding up a sign that says, Thank you!

2. CLASS ACTIVITY. Volunteer to come into the class for a reading hour or to do a little craft project. The teacher will appreciate the downtime, and often since they have to purchase supplies out of their own pocket, this gives them cost savings as well as a valuable ad to the class!

3. SIGN SHOUTOUT. Make a sign to put on your lawn to say thanks to the teachers at your child's school! Alternatively, get a whole bunch of parents to add a sign to the back of their car during school drop and pick up or during car line! 

4. SNACKS. Set up a snack table with bite-sized mini bags of pretzels or goldfish in the teachers' lounge with a thank you sign! Other ideas include packaged cookies, yogurts, and granola bars.

5. GIFTS WITH PURPOSE. Find out what are some of the upcoming lessons or the repeating units each year and provide a gift that is also a support item for the lessons. Like an iron good luck horseshoe that can also be used as a prop for a lesson about blacksmiths or farmers, or a hieroglyphic necklace with the teacher's name, that can later be a show and tell time during the Egyptian unit.

6. GAMES. Bring a selection of new, classic games, or just a set of checkers or cards. That way, the teacher has some things to share if a child stays late after school because a parent was late, or during rainy classroom days!

7. BRING A BOOK. Gift the teacher with a book – either for themselves, the school, or the classroom. Make sure to add your child's name and little note to the inside page for a lasting memory and include a special message about how much you appreciate them. 

8. ROOM TO GROW.  Bring in a couple of herb plants. Not only can it be for the classroom to watch grow, take care of and learn about herbs, have it come with a note saying how much you appreciate them helping your child grow in learning!

9. FABULOUS FLOWERS. Take a simple mason jar and fill it with cut flowers from your garden. Add a little note of how much you appreciate them! You can even spray paint the jar a special color – and mention the jar can even be used to store craft supplies or pens and pencils later on! 

10. POPSICLES. Get clean popsicle sticks and write the name of each child in the glass on the stick. Have one be the school year. Then glue the popsicle sticks to a clean, empty, label free soup can. Tie a ribbon or twine around it and give it as a gift to store class supplies! Write a "book" about your teacher. If you're looking for a group gift, or even just want to get a few of your child's classmates together, have them each draw a picture or write a couple of sentences on what their favorite thing is about their teacher. Then, compile the pages into a book. (This can be as simple as stapling the pages together and having the kids make a "cover" or, if funds allow, you can make the book on a photo-sharing site and include actual pictures of the kids.) 

11. FIDGETS. Whether for the teacher or for them to use with the class, gift a basket of fidget items like putty, pop-its, play dough, etc.

12. ART PIECE. Have your child draw a piece of art or design a quote featuring their favorite artist or phrase. Frame it and gift it!

13. FUN. After a hectic with kids, teachers love relaxing downtime opportunities. While you could go more personal with a basket of bath items and candles, consider puzzles, crayons, and an adult coloring book!

14. DEDICATE A GIFT. Whether gifting a tree or donating to the local animal shelter, consider giving a donation in their name to their favorite cause or charity. 

15. GOOD OL' GIFT CARD. Teachers always appreciate a gift card. Consider places like Michaels, Staples, Amazon or Target. But also don't forget their favorite places to buy clothes, a gas gift card, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop!

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